Leah and Nicolas Charming French Country Wedding

Leah and Nicolas


She’s American and he’s French, getting married in France was the ideal location for their dream wedding. They decided to get married in a lovely chateau just one hour from Paris. It was the perfect chateau for a destination wedding in France with it’s enchanting setting. They are a charming couple very much in love and all their friends and family came from the US and different parts of France to bring them love and support.

When they approached me to be their photographer I was excited to be a part of their dream wedding. They are absolutely fantastic and easy-going. Leah was splendid and full of enthusiasm. Photographing her was a breeze with her confidence and beautiful smile. She and Nicolas were such a joy to photograph.

We communicated from the US to France but despite the distance, it was easy to plan all the wonderful details to make their most cherished moments into memories they could look back on with fond memories for a lifetime. I wish this beautiful and sweet couple lots of happiness in their future!

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