Family Photography Session at Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach

As a photographer I enjoy having a wide range of people in front of my lens, but there’s a special kind of thrill in shooting families who are full of love and affection for one another. This family portrait session at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach captured some stunning moments of pure happiness and energy, and from the photos you can tell right away that they were so comfortable and relaxed amongst each other.

For this outdoor session I wanted to find a place in Southern California that would complement the atmosphere I wanted to convey in the shoot; the beach is a place full of wonderful memories for so many families, and the feeling of sand and seawater between your toes brings you into the moment, relaxes you, and reminds you of simple pleasures in life. Crystal Cove, with its rocky cliffs and windswept feel, was the perfect location to photograph a lovely couple and their children having a genuinely fun time whilst being their natural selves.Even though the weather was cloudy throughout most of the shoot, the radiance of every family member came right to the fore of the pictures. However, as sunset approached, the clouds broke and we got some gorgeous light that was perfect for creating classic and elegant beach portraits with the rocks and water glistening in the background.

It was a fantastic privilege to spend the afternoon with this family, sharing in their joy and warmth, and capturing some beautiful images they will cherish for a lifetime.


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