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Can you describe you photo sessions?

Creating an amazing experience in Paris is my priority while showing you the most beautiful sites. I know all the best locations for photo sessions. My photography experience allows me to give you direction with confidence to allow your individual personalities to shine through. I love to shoot a variety of candid as well as well styled poses so that you have a wonderful selection of images to create a story of your time in Paris. My focus is on capturing amazingly lovely moments and having a wonderful time in the process.

What packages do you offer?

Feel free to contact me. I will send you my packages and if you need a custom alteration to your package, I will do my best to work with you. Keep in mind that I work really hard during the photo session and during the editing process to create unique high quality images. Many of my clients rave about what their friends and family say.

When’s the best time to do my photo session?

The absolutely best time in Paris to start a photo session is at sunrise or sunset. Depending on the season the time changes. During the summer it’s quite early but there is nothing that compares to an early morning sunrise session. The light is amazing and there are fewer people in the most popular locations. It’s as though you have Paris all to yourself! Some locations are better in the evening so it really just depends on what locations you’re interested in.

What should I wear?

I absolutely love giving advice on what to wear for a photo session! What you wear can make a big difference and choosing the right elements from colors to clothing styles as well as accessories can make your session absolutely amazing. I have a specific and detailed list of wardrobe recommendations, which I will send to you upon booking. I also have looks in my Pinterest boards that can help give you an idea of what looks best in a shoot.

Can you help with styling my shoot?

Absolutely! Styling and consultation is included in many of the photography packages.

Do I need to hire a professional hair and makeup stylist?

I highly recommend having a professional do your hair and makeup for your shoot. It adds a more polished look.

I don’t know Paris well. Can you help with customizing a route?

Yes! I have lived in Paris for over 10 years and know the most charming and beautiful locations Paris has to offer. I can suggest wonderful locations that give that special Parisian feeling you are going for. Just let me know what inspires you about Paris and send me any inspiration photos you find including ones from Pinterest or on my site and I will design a custom route specific to your needs. You can trust me to find the best locations for your shoot.

How do you deliver the images?

Images are delivered to you via digital file. You will receive your images as high definition jpegs.

Can I have the RAW files?

Unfortunately, I do not offer RAW files. All files are fully edited with attention to detail. You will be very happy with the results. Check out my rave reviews!

Can I have a change of outfits?

A change of outfits is possible and encouraged for sessions that are 2 hours or more.

What’s the best day to book my photo session?

It’s best to plan photo sessions Monday – Thursday, as there are fewer people in popular locations.

What if it rains?

In case of rain, we can reschedule or find covered locations suitable for rainy weather. Rain can be a workable element. It adds a romantic feel to the photo session, plus there are fewer people out so there’s an opportunity to get great shots!

What should I bring to the photography session?

Bring as little as possible, just what you need and leave the bags at home. It makes for a smoother and easier photo session because you don’t need to keep an eye on your things. There aren’t any safe places to leave your belongings so your possessions need to be carried by the photographer while shooting and as you can imagine, it’s not ideal.

How do I book?

Please send fill out the contact information and I will send you information about my packages.

Why should I book with you?

I’m absolutely passionate about what I do and I love it so much! Working with lovely people and sharing in their special moments is so much fun. I take the time to get to know you before the session and I continue to stay in touch after the session. I’m still in touch with so many of my old clients. I do my best to make your photo session fun and memorable because it’s not just about beautiful images. It’s also about having a wonderful experience in Paris!

I travel quite a bit so sometimes I am not available, however any of my incredibly talented associates is also just as passionate about and in love with photography.

What inspires you?

People and places!

I use photography to express my enthusiasm for the beauty in people and places. Working with people is such a joy and it gives me so much pleasure to create images that are as unique as they are.

What is your photography style?

Photo-journalistic with a fine art sensibility. I capture the moment but I am not afraid to get in there and use poses as a way to create some structure. However, I am always on the lookout for spontaneous shots that reveal people’s inner beauty.


We are here to connect and have fun. It’s what makes us human and gives meaning to our lives.

Can you suggest any other services?

Absolutely! I have worked with many of the best in hair/makeup, videographers, celebrants… booking a 2-hour session or more will include many of my tips for wonderful services in Paris.

Can I have an all-inclusive package?

Yes, this is a custom package so please feel free to send me your request.

I still have questions. Should I email you?

Yes, please do! I’d love to hear from you.

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